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some good news?

Hello. I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but all of my feature projects are finally getting a proper release from the kind people at BRINKVision. Starting today. This includes SEEKING WELLNESS, INVINCIBLE FORCE, OLD MAN, and VORE KING. I would love for you to see these films/videos and now it's much easier because they will be available on most VOD platforms, DVDs, and maybe even Blu Ray, eventually.

My previously unreleased documentary about fatherhood and the death of record stores, featuring Andy Schneidkraut, is available starting today on AMAZON PRIME - CLICK HERE.

A limited edition DVD of Invincible Force is available through AMAZON, the BRINKVision web store, or most major retailers (Target, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy).


You'll have to wait for this one. Check VORE KING or BRINKVision websites for updates.

And if you're not in the mood to watch a three hour experimental documentary or Drew Ailes' naked body, I understand. If you'd just like to drop a positive review of any of these titles on Amazon (or any other platforms), I'd be eternally grateful. Or just share these with friends, if you don't mind?

If you'd like to see trailers please visit the BrinkVISION website by CLICKING HERE - do yourself a favor and check out some of their other fantastic titles.

That's it. Hope everyone is well, all things considered. I'm hoping to start work on a new feature that I've written soon, but it's been very difficult to find money. If anyone knows any modern-day Roger Cormans please send them my way! I have a new sci-fi/horror script and it's a doosey!



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