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Drew Ailes' Nauseating Zero Budget Screen Debut Returns


October 4th, 2016

CONTACT: Dan S, Sepulchral Voice/Dan S Productions (

+1 612 870 3483

Drew Ailes, Drew Ailes Incorporated (


5th Anniversary VHS Edition of INVINCIBLE FORCE to be Unleashed @ Trylon Microcinema


WHERE: Trylon Microcinema (3258 Minnehaha Ave, MPLS, MN 55406)

WHEN: Thursday, October 20th, 2016 @ 7:00 P.M & 9:15 P.M.

PRICE POINT: $8.00 (includes $10 discount on VHS/DVD boxed-set)

Long before local anti-celebrity and MRR cover model Drew Ailes had three thousand Facebook friends he was the star of the most repulsive Minnesota-made film of all time. INVINCIBLE FORCE is the story of one man’s battle against his own body. Shot over 90 consecutive days using only obsolete video formats, INVINCIBLE FORCE documents Drew’s incredible transformation from flabby man-child to infallible titan. During the production of INVINCIBLE FORCE lead actor Drew Ailes lost 35lbs (about 16kg) of body weight and his body mass index dropped from .27 to .085.

Many years after the original DVD release sold-out, INVINCIBLE FORCE is once again being made available to the public via ultra limited hand-numbered editions as a VHS/DVD combo boxed-set or stand-alone DVD. Limited to only fifty (50) copies, the VHS/DVD boxed-set will include unique VHS cover art hand screen-printed in special motivational silver ink, a package of premium brand name self-tanner, and a fashionable yellow INVINCIBLE FORCE “BRING IT” wristband (all proceeds benefit THE FOUNDATION FOR TESTICULAR FORTITUDE). The INVINCIBLE FORCE 5th Year Anniversary Edition DVD, limited to one-hundred (100) copies, will feature blasphemous new cover art and HOURS of extra features: lost scenes, director commentary, soundtrack selections, easter eggs, the DREW-BO™ proprietary workout program and much more!

“I’m excited that more people will stop talking to me after viewing this movie,” said star Drew Ailes when asked about the return of INVINCIBLE FORCE.

INVINCIBLE FORCE had its world premiere at the 2011 Hamburg International Independent Film Festival where it won the GRAND PRIZE. INVINCIBLE FORCE went on to have its North American premiere at Olympia Film Festival where it was warmly received and it won the BEST SOUNDTRACK award at Minneapolis Underground Film Festival. INVINCIBLE FORCE continued on to a short but successful theatrical run and the press accolades poured-in! It was called “unforgettably disgusting” (Movies I Didn’t Get), “absolutely fascinating” (Film Bizarro), “a damn ugly movie” (All Things Horror), “unforgivable” (Brutal As Hell), and “interminable” (The Seattle Times)!

INVINCIBLE FORCE was written and directed by Minneapolis resident Dan S, a two-time recipient of The McKnight Fellowship For Filmmaking and recipient of The Creative Capital Award for moving image in support of his most recent project, a feature documentary about carnivorous sex monsters entitled VORE KING.

Promotional screeners, interviews, and high-resolution still images are available upon request.


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