Drew Ailes' Nauseating Zero Budget Screen Debut Returns

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 4th, 2016 CONTACT: Dan S, Sepulchral Voice/Dan S Productions ( +1 612 870 3483 Drew Ailes, Drew Ailes Incorporated ( DREW’S AILES’ NAUSEATING ZERO BUDGET SCREEN DEBUT RETURNS TO MN 5th Anniversary VHS Edition of INVINCIBLE FORCE to be Unleashed @ Trylon Microcinema WHAT: INVINCIBLE FORCE 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY VHS RELEASE SCREENING WHERE: Trylon Microcinema (3258 Minnehaha Ave, MPLS, MN 55406) WHEN: Thursday, October 20th, 2016 @ 7:00 P.M & 9:15 P.M. PRICE POINT: $8.00 (includes $10 discount on VHS/DVD boxed-set) Long before local anti-celebrity and MRR cover model Drew Ailes had th

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