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I’m primarily a director and in that capacity I have endeavored to challenge myself (and my audience) with projects that are unashamedly earnest, thoughtful, and often confrontational. It has always been my intent to create work that is like nothing else. I am strongly compelled towards stylistic, structural, and conceptual singularity. I don’t do things by the book, as it were. I don’t typically feel it necessary to shoot coverage or inserts. I’d rather shoot more efficiently - with purpose, intuition, meticulous planning, and an editor’s eye. I have a particular interest in producing movies that are subversive, experimental, or transgressive, anything that confronts the cultural, societal, and structural status quo. If you want to make something that looks and feels like nothing else, I’m your man.


I also love working with performers. I’ve developed a strong ability to collaborate effectively with actors and always coax interesting performances, even from non-professionals.


Additionally, I’ve had a great deal of experience organizing and coordinating productions of varying size and scope. I’m available for both creative and organizational production rolls.



I have significant experience recording live sound with both condenser and lavalier microphones, especially for documentaries. Through the course of my career I have become very comfortable editing and sweetening dialogue by applying simple filters and basic mixing techniques. For an example of my work with both voice-over and dialogue please watch this EXCERPT. It’s important to note that the interview dialogue contained within was recorded under extremely adverse conditions (strong wind, traffic).


I’ve always done my own sound design and though my process and technique has typically been fairly rudimentary, I feel that my signature stylizations could enhance any production.



I’m available for script writing, collaboration, consultation, punch-ups, grant essays and almost anything else you could possibly imagine. I don’t always use The Oxford Comma but I rarely misplace a preposition.



I don’t typically work as a Director of Photography but I’m technically competent and would love the opportunity to do more camera work. Please see an example (and explanation) of my shooting style HERE. I can shoot in HD or 4k but I’m also very interested in shooting with what are considered obsolete formats: SD video, VHS, Betamax, film, etc. I have an arsenal of antiquated cameras including an Arriflex SR 2 Super 16 and a Fastax 16mm high-speed (9000FPS) camera that I would love an excuse to use.


I have been semi-retired from professional still photography for almost a decade but I would still gladly snap pictures for you. Please see examples of my photographic work HERE.


Please contact me with ANY production needs – if I can’t help you I know someone who can.

And if you’re a producer with some capital/courage, I have a pitch with your name on it.


DAN_S | 00 1 612 870 3483 | CURSETHEGODS@GMAIL.COM

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